How Wills Lawyers Can Use Google Ads To Boost Their Client Numbers

We are sure you will agree that if you do not have a reasonable number of new clients coming to your wills lawyer business regularly, there is a risk that instead of your business growing, it will start to diminish. As for how and where you can find new clients there are so many ways you can achieve this, and one that wills lawyers all over the world use successfully is Google Ads.

One thing we must point out is that for every business owner who has success with Google Ads there will be many others who do not. Now, this has nothing to do with any flaw that Google Ads has, but instead because those business owners do not approach the setting up of their Google Ads correctly.

With that said, we suggest that the first thing you do if you wish to use Google Ads, is not to write an ad or go out and purchase keyword research software, but instead to determine what the goal of your Google Ads campaign is going to be. This stage is critical because if your Google Ads do not have an objective, how can you possibly know if they have achieved anything?


An Ideal Employee

Why The Traits Of A Person In Addiction Recovery Can Make Them An Ideal Employee

Whenever a business owner is seeking new employees, in their mind there will be several traits that they hope to find in a candidate. In most cases, it is unlikely that someone having drug rehab success on their CV is going to score many plus points, however, that personal experience may just mean that they have a lot more to offer than many other candidates.

Let us face facts and point out that going through drug recovery is not a walk in the park by any means. Whilst each individual will face up to it and deal with their drug rehab in a different way, there are several common traits and behaviours which everyone going through drug recovery will show.

For successful drug rehabilitation, those traits will all be positive ones, and may well be exactly what a prospective employer is looking for. To give you a fuller understanding of these positive traits, here are some of the most significant ones.


For anyone with an addiction, be it smoking, drinking, self-harm, or drugs, it takes a huge amount of courage, not only to admit that they have a problem but to then commit to going through a program that will rehabilitate them. Whilst not many occupations will be one where someone’s life is at risk, having the courage to make decisions, question erroneous instructions, and put forward new ideas, can all make that employee a hugely valuable asset to the business.