How Wills Lawyers Can Use Google Ads To Boost Their Client Numbers

We are sure you will agree that if you do not have a reasonable number of new clients coming to your wills lawyer business regularly, there is a risk that instead of your business growing, it will start to diminish. As for how and where you can find new clients there are so many ways you can achieve this, and one that wills lawyers all over the world use successfully is Google Ads.

One thing we must point out is that for every business owner who has success with Google Ads there will be many others who do not. Now, this has nothing to do with any flaw that Google Ads has, but instead because those business owners do not approach the setting up of their Google Ads correctly.

With that said, we suggest that the first thing you do if you wish to use Google Ads, is not to write an ad or go out and purchase keyword research software, but instead to determine what the goal of your Google Ads campaign is going to be. This stage is critical because if your Google Ads do not have an objective, how can you possibly know if they have achieved anything?


Using Birthday Emails To Prompt Client Engagement

Every person around the world has a birthday, which includes your clients and customers, and that is why a little-known digital marketing tactic can help you retain many of them and also see their lifetime values increase. Now, you might be asking what anyone’s birthday would have to do with digital marketing, and by extension your business’s revenue. However, in conjunction with the power of email, you can use birthdays to implement a simple and effective promotion.

Be honest. How many of the businesses, services, or organisations that you know have your email address on their database that has ever sent you a birthday greeting? We are pretty sure that for the vast majority of people who read this, the answer is zero.

Now, that might not bother you and you may not be in the least bit perturbed by the fact that any business that you are a customer of does not recognise or acknowledge your birthday. However, we guarantee that if any of them did, you would not forget it. That being the case, the same will apply to your customers, and your business can benefit from that.

If you were to take the time to send each of your clients an email on their birthday when it next comes time for that person to purchase the products or services you offer, who do you think they are going to consider first? The business that ignores them, or the one that took the time and effort to send them birthday greetings, aka your business!

It is not just enabling your business to be at the forefront of its customers’ minds, there are numerous other benefits that your business can accrue if it were to send customers a birthday email as you can see below.


Content Is SEO Friendly

5 Tips To Ensure Your Content Is SEO Friendly

The word ‘content’ gets spoken about a lot when SEO is discussed, and whilst it may seem easy to create content, that is actually the reason that many website owners see no positive results from the content they are creating.

The reason this happens is that merely creating content is not enough to impact on rankings. It also needs to be created in a certain way, and there are several ways that you can enhance its effectiveness.

Make It Worth Reading

One of the biggest errors made with regards to content is that it is created for the search engines and not the people who will actually be reading it.

if visitors to your website find your content interesting, they will stay longer, they are more likely to visit other pages, and there is a better chance of them returning another time. All of these are noted by Google, and more importantly they feed into your ranking score.

Make it Sharable

Do you ever recommend a great movie or book to your friends or family? We all do it, and if your content is unique and really captures the attention of someone reading it, there is a greater chance they will share it with others.

You can encourage this sharing by adding a ‘PS’ at the end of blog posts inviting readers to share them. This could mean that they post a link to your content on their own website which helps your SEO, and there is also the added benefit that those links will bring visitors to your website who click on them.


Types Of Digital Marketing

What Are The Main Types Of Digital Marketing?

If you run an online business, you probably already know how important things like digital marketing are. However, you might miss out on some marketing streams, impacting your profitability and reducing your return on investment.

You might not realize how many different types of digital marketing exist – I mean, most people don’t. To help broaden your understanding, I’ve put together a short list of the main types of digital marketing, which include:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO involves building your website and performing specific actions that will make you rank better in the search engine results pages for specific keywords. SEO involves numerous actions, including:

  • Content optimisation. Usually, most content managers try to include specific keywords or key phrases within their writing to help the search engines understand what it’s about. It’s also essential to ensure that you write well and prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Building backlinks. Another major ranking factor is your backlink profile. The basic idea is that if your website has numerous other websites linking to it, it must be an authority in the field, meaning you will rank better.
  • Performance optimisation. Similarly, better-performing websites are more accessible and user-friendly and usually rank better.

Ultimately, it’s essential to ensure you understand SEO; otherwise, you will miss out on a crucial digital marketing stream.


Why Research Is Essential In Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingWithout a doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing is attracting targeted traffic to your website. No matter how brilliant your product is, and how stunning your website looks, if nobody visits they’d as well not being there in the first place. Even if your home page is the best-crafted sales letter any copywriter has ever written, without eyes to read it, the words are wasted. That is why traffic is held at such a premium on the internet.

One of the most effective ways that an online business can attract traffic is by operating within a clearly defined niche. By doing so, that business doesn’t need to take a scattergun approach to attract traffic and focuses its efforts on attracting only those people who have shown to have an interest in the niche in which they operate.

The first advantage of staying within a niche is you can determine where people attracted to that niche visit online. For example, let’s say you were setting up a business that is going to target beginner copywriters. By doing some simple research you could find a whole host of places online where people interested in learning copy writing would visit.

  • Forums dedicated to copywriting
  • Facebook pages of famous copywriters
  • Facebook groups where all the members share copywriting tips
  • YouTube Channels which teach copywriting
  • Blogs on sites where copywriting is the main topic

There will be many more but just these five alone can give you a huge amount of information relating to the audience that you hope to attract.