We are sure you will agree that if you do not have a reasonable number of new clients coming to your wills lawyer business regularly, there is a risk that instead of your business growing, it will start to diminish. As for how and where you can find new clients there are so many ways you can achieve this, and one that wills lawyers all over the world use successfully is Google Ads.

One thing we must point out is that for every business owner who has success with Google Ads there will be many others who do not. Now, this has nothing to do with any flaw that Google Ads has, but instead because those business owners do not approach the setting up of their Google Ads correctly.

With that said, we suggest that the first thing you do if you wish to use Google Ads, is not to write an ad or go out and purchase keyword research software, but instead to determine what the goal of your Google Ads campaign is going to be. This stage is critical because if your Google Ads do not have an objective, how can you possibly know if they have achieved anything?

With respect to an objective, this can include getting traffic to an opt-in page on your website, to a ‘Contact Us’ form where a prospective client enters their details, or simply to your main home page. You also may have several different services which you offer, so you need to decide if you are promoting one, some, or all of them with Google Ads as this will influence the next stage.

Once you have your objectives set, then you must determine who your target audience is. There is no point in taking a scattergun approach to your Google Ads and hoping that some of the people who you are targeting will see it. One of the benefits of Google Ads is that you can target specific demographic such as age, income level and gender.

Another targeting option is the location of the people who enter a search on Google and see your ad. This means you can have specific ads targeting certain areas in your town or city, or you can simply widen this to cover an entire town, city, or region.

The whole premise of Google Ads is that they appear at the top of the search page when someone types in a search term which the ad has been set up to target. This means that you must carry out comprehensive keyword research before you create your ad. Google Ads work by advertisers specifying how much they are prepared to per click for each keyword they are they are targeting.

You will hopefully be able to bid on the keywords that get searched the most but is flawed if these are the only keywords you target. There are many other keywords, known as long tail keywords, which might not get lots searches individually, but cumulatively they add up. These long tail keywords usually have little competition for them and so you can gain clicks from these with very low click prices, often as low as a cent or two.

Now that you know your ad’s objective, your target audience, and the keywords you are bidding on, it is time to write your ads. You want an ad headline that will grab attention, and then text which induces people to click the ad and land on the page you have specified. Don’t worry if you have to rewrite it several times as this is all part of making your ad the best it can be.

Once it is live you want to test your ad and tweak it to improve its performance, This is where A-B testing helps as you can have two of ads competing against each other, you can see from the data Google provides you which is working best, and then keep tweaking and testing for continuous improvement.