Every person around the world has a birthday, which includes your clients and customers, and that is why a little-known digital marketing tactic can help you retain many of them and also see their lifetime values increase. Now, you might be asking what anyone’s birthday would have to do with digital marketing, and by extension your business’s revenue. However, in conjunction with the power of email, you can use birthdays to implement a simple and effective promotion.

Be honest. How many of the businesses, services, or organisations that you know have your email address on their database that has ever sent you a birthday greeting? We are pretty sure that for the vast majority of people who read this, the answer is zero.

Now, that might not bother you and you may not be in the least bit perturbed by the fact that any business that you are a customer of does not recognise or acknowledge your birthday. However, we guarantee that if any of them did, you would not forget it. That being the case, the same will apply to your customers, and your business can benefit from that.

If you were to take the time to send each of your clients an email on their birthday when it next comes time for that person to purchase the products or services you offer, who do you think they are going to consider first? The business that ignores them, or the one that took the time and effort to send them birthday greetings, aka your business!

It is not just enabling your business to be at the forefront of its customers’ minds, there are numerous other benefits that your business can accrue if it were to send customers a birthday email as you can see below.

  • It Shows Loyalty To Your Customers
  • It Reminds Customers That You Are There And Have Solutions For Them
  • It Generates Goodwill
  • Your Business’s Name Will Be Shared With Others
  • It Improves Engagement With Customers
  • It Increases Customer Retention
  • It Increases Sales And Revenue

If you are still not convinced that birthday emails bring positives, consider this. A survey amongst businesses that send birthday greetings to their customers revealed that on average their revenue increased by 342%, their transactions increased by 481%, and the number of clicks from that birthday email was 179% more than other emails which were sent.

As to how you use a birthday email, the simplest would be to offer a special discount that applies only for the period following the birthday, so it must have an expiration date.

For the birthday email subject lines, here are some suggestions:

  • “It’s your birthday! Here is our present to you”
  • “A special offer for your birthday”
  • “Have a birthday ****** on us” (For ‘******’ enter one of your products or services)
  • ” A little bird told us someone has an important birthday coming up”
  • “Let’s get your birthday celebrations off to a great start”

No doubt you can think of other great birthday subject lines you can use, but once your customer has opened the email, you then must make them read it through. In the email body, explain why you are sending them the email, what you are offering them, and also an expiry date so that there is a sense of urgency.