The word ‘content’ gets spoken about a lot when SEO is discussed, and whilst it may seem easy to create content, that is actually the reason that many website owners see no positive results from the content they are creating.

The reason this happens is that merely creating content is not enough to impact on rankings. It also needs to be created in a certain way, and there are several ways that you can enhance its effectiveness.

Make It Worth Reading

One of the biggest errors made with regards to content is that it is created for the search engines and not the people who will actually be reading it.

if visitors to your website find your content interesting, they will stay longer, they are more likely to visit other pages, and there is a better chance of them returning another time. All of these are noted by Google, and more importantly they feed into your ranking score.

Make it Sharable

Do you ever recommend a great movie or book to your friends or family? We all do it, and if your content is unique and really captures the attention of someone reading it, there is a greater chance they will share it with others.

You can encourage this sharing by adding a ‘PS’ at the end of blog posts inviting readers to share them. This could mean that they post a link to your content on their own website which helps your SEO, and there is also the added benefit that those links will bring visitors to your website who click on them.

Break It Up

If the written content you create is published as just one long piece of text do not be surprised if your bounce rate increases. This is a measure of how many people immediately click away, and if yours is high, Google is likely to push you down the rankings.

Make your content more inviting by breaking it down into smaller passages, and if there are different subjects discussed within the content, use headings or sub-headings to identify them. This makes your content more pleasing on the eye when visitors first see it, and easier to read.

Use Multimedia

With superfast broadband being the norm these days, the use of video online is no longer the technical nightmare it once was. This means wherever the opportunity to include video arises, you should try to include it in your content.

The same applies for other types of media such as images, with infographics a prime example of combining the written word and visuals. Audio should not be overlooked either as an excellent alternative form of content with which to engage visitors to your website.

Link To Your Other Content

One important objective your content has is to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible. Using the other tips we have mentioned will help do that but linking to other content within your website could be the means by which they stay even longer.

This is certainly the case if your website has lots of excellent content that entertains, informs, and engages visitors. Linking from each piece of content to one or more other pages within your website is not only good SEO, but it also means visitors stay longer which the all-seeing Google sees and adjusts your ranking upwards accordingly.