Social MediaSocial media is one of the most powerful marketing mediums for law firms throughout the world. It allows them to engage with potential clients, to share relevant and interesting information, and to increase the size of their client base potentially.

Engaging with people on social media is essential in the modern world of law firm marketing. You want your name to pop into people’s heads when they need a lawyer, and you need your firm to become familiar and memorable for this to happen.

Social media allows you to do exactly this. However, a lot of law firms aren’t sure exactly what social media platforms they should be using. This has led me to put together this guide to the best platforms that all lawyers should definitely be using to promote their firms.


A huge percentage of the world’s population uses Facebook almost daily, especially in Western countries. If you run a law firm, then building a community on Facebook is absolutely essential. Start by creating a business page and linking it to your website. Post engaging, interesting content that people can relate to. Run competitions to build your page audience, and share content from other interesting pages. Have a look at what successful competitors are doing and try and build on this where you can.

In some cases, Facebook can also be used for paid social media marketing. Although this isn’t always the best option for law firms, it can be a lot cheaper than things like AdWords. Try using things like promoted posts to increase your page following.


Twitter is the second ‘big’ social media platform, after Facebook. Although it’s slowly dropping in popularity, you should definitely still make sure that you’re using Twitter effectively. Start by building a strong profile, and tweet authority content at least a few times per week. Retweet content from popular law related Twitter users, and focus on increasing your follower numbers.


The third social media platform which is essential to social media marketing success is Instagram. Although it probably isn’t as important as Facebook or Twitter, you can still achieve great things with Instagram. The fact that it can be linked to your Facebook account can make it easier to share visual content, including infographics and law-related images.

Final Word:

If you’re not using social media to promote your law firm, then you’re doing something wrong. Social media is free, and it is arguably the best way to generate new leads for your firm. Make sure that you have strong profiles on the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and make sure that you post high-quality content regularly. It could be a good idea to employ a social media marketing expert if you don’t think you’re going to have the time to do everything by yourself.