Digital MarketingWithout a doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing is attracting targeted traffic to your website. No matter how brilliant your product is, and how stunning your website looks, if nobody visits they’d as well not being there in the first place. Even if your home page is the best-crafted sales letter any copywriter has ever written, without eyes to read it, the words are wasted. That is why traffic is held at such a premium on the internet.

One of the most effective ways that an online business can attract traffic is by operating within a clearly defined niche. By doing so, that business doesn’t need to take a scattergun approach to attract traffic and focuses its efforts on attracting only those people who have shown to have an interest in the niche in which they operate.

The first advantage of staying within a niche is you can determine where people attracted to that niche visit online. For example, let’s say you were setting up a business that is going to target beginner copywriters. By doing some simple research you could find a whole host of places online where people interested in learning copy writing would visit.

  • Forums dedicated to copywriting
  • Facebook pages of famous copywriters
  • Facebook groups where all the members share copywriting tips
  • YouTube Channels which teach copywriting
  • Blogs on sites where copywriting is the main topic

There will be many more but just these five alone can give you a huge amount of information relating to the audience that you hope to attract.

For example

  • Which questions are being asked?
  • What problems are they trying to overcome?
  • Who are the ‘big names’ within the niche?
  • Is there a particular learning tool they are looking for?

By using this information, you should be able to determine what your potential customers need, or what sort of resources they would be keen have available to them. Now instead of creating a product in the hope there is demand for it, you can create a product that you already know is wanted because the people within your niche are asking for it.

You now also know what traffic sources you can target because these are the places that your audience hang out. So now you know…

  • Which forums to join and start posting in
  • The pages and groups from which you can build an audience for your FB ads
  • Which blogs and YouTube channels to post comments on
  • Which email lists to buy solo ads for

The mistake so many businesses make online is they create products and try to attract traffic without doing any proper research. The crazy thing is, the research isn’t difficult. By undertaking it, you can create products, knowing they are already what your audience is looking for, and you can find the places your audience are already visiting. Armed with this knowledge you simply apply your marketing efforts and budget to targeting these sources.