Is Google Adwords Marketing Useful?

Adwords MarketingWhen used correctly, Google Adwords has the power to make a business more successful in a short time. It is just that a lot of people don’t know about it. It makes people wonder whether or not Google Adwords marketing is worth the investment.

You see, the world of marketing has changed since Google Adwords came along. It’s the platform which transformed the game altogether.

It is by far one of the most effective advertising platforms right now.

This is the kind of advertisement platform which businesses of all sizes can use to become successful.

All the companies finding success by using Google Adwords have one thing in common: They want to reach a large number of people to sell their services and products online.

When it’s properly used, Google Adwords marketing can send the word about your business to exactly the people you need.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why Google Adwords marketing is useful.

Increased Leads

When Google Adwords marketing is done right, it can lead to a lot of sales. Google Analytics is a tool which is ideal for generating leads. If you set up your Adwords marketing campaign using data from Analytics, you can send highly targeted leads to your online platform.

Adwords marketing allows you to focus right on the people looking for what you have to offer.

This could be anything from goods or services. Using the data from Google Analytics, you can tweak your marketing campaign to drive more traffic and generate more leads.


Simple On Page SEO Tactics

On-Page SEOOf all the vast number of elements within SEO which exist, the ones you have the most control over are those which pertain to your own website. This is often overlooked as business owners head out into the internet seeking to create backlinks from every conceivable location.

However, if they focused closer to home, they could give their SEO a boost simply by implementing a few simple tactics which can help rankings and in turn increase traffic.

The first needs to be done before the website exists, and that is to obtain an optimal domain name. Always go for a dot com if it is still available, and if it isn’t, try dot net or dot org.  If your business is only going to target within your own country then a country extension such as .au for Australia or, for the United Kingdom is perfect.

Still with domains, it is always best to have a domain that matches the keywords you want to target. Google has reduced the power that an exact match domain gives your site, but testing shows it is still a positive in terms of your website’s SEO.

Next, we come to the title of your website, which is the text people can see at the top of their browser when they land on your site. Google’s algorithm reads the title of sites as part of their understanding of what it is about so placing one or two important keywords in your title is always recommended. For example, if your company sells accounting software the title could be ‘ – Accounting software for Small Business’.


Why Your Web Hosting Can Impact On Your SEO

Website HostingOf all the elements that get measured, tweaked, enhanced and improved to make sure a website’s SEO is as good as it can be, there is one that very rarely gets mentioned, and that is the site’s web hosting. We are not talking about specific companies as it unlikely any one brand of hosting company will influence your site’s ranking. However, the performance of your web hosting service in three crucial areas can affect your site’s ranking positively if it is up to standard or negatively if it is not.

Physical Location

This is of particular interest to you if your business targets customers locally in terms of the country you live in, rather than across the entire internet. For example, let’s say your business is located in Melbourne, and your customer base is anyone who lives in Australia. When someone in Australia searches for one of your keywords, the search engines are more likely to display websites of Australian businesses, but only if they are hosted there.

The search engines can do this by checking the IP address of the site, which tells them where the hosting servers are located. With this knowledge, if your business is country specific it would make sense for you to select a web hosting company that can offer to host your site on servers located in the country of your choice.

On the other hand, if you sell products to anywhere in the world, such as digital downloads, then it would be wise to host on servers located in the country with your biggest markets. Normally this would be the USA, but that may differ depending on the products or services you sell.


Why Research Is Essential In Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingWithout a doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing is attracting targeted traffic to your website. No matter how brilliant your product is, and how stunning your website looks, if nobody visits they’d as well not being there in the first place. Even if your home page is the best-crafted sales letter any copywriter has ever written, without eyes to read it, the words are wasted. That is why traffic is held at such a premium on the internet.

One of the most effective ways that an online business can attract traffic is by operating within a clearly defined niche. By doing so, that business doesn’t need to take a scattergun approach to attract traffic and focuses its efforts on attracting only those people who have shown to have an interest in the niche in which they operate.

The first advantage of staying within a niche is you can determine where people attracted to that niche visit online. For example, let’s say you were setting up a business that is going to target beginner copywriters. By doing some simple research you could find a whole host of places online where people interested in learning copy writing would visit.

  • Forums dedicated to copywriting
  • Facebook pages of famous copywriters
  • Facebook groups where all the members share copywriting tips
  • YouTube Channels which teach copywriting
  • Blogs on sites where copywriting is the main topic

There will be many more but just these five alone can give you a huge amount of information relating to the audience that you hope to attract.


3 Tips To Make Your Branding On Social Media More Effective

Branding On Social MediaSocial media is all around us and it is not going away. In fact, its influence on our lives is only going to increase as its use becomes more widespread both in terms of the number of people on social media and the ways it can influence them. This is an important fact to understand if you want to improve the branding of your business.

Here are three simple but effective tips that if followed, will help you to brand your business correctly using social media.

#1 Keep Everything Organised

There are countless examples of business owners setting up multiple social media accounts and profiles only to lose track of what they have posted, not remember what their login details were, and even forget what social media platforms they had joined. This is not the way to implement a social media campaign, especially if its purpose is to brand you as a trusted and reliable business.

First, you need to keep a record of the sites you are joining, the links to your profiles, and your log in details for each one. A simple spreadsheet can be set up to achieve this. Thereafter, use the spreadsheet to keep track of what you are posting and when. This way when you get any interactions on each social media site, you know which posts they relate to, and can respond in the most appropriate way.


What Social Media Platforms Should I Be Using To Promote My Law Firm?

Social MediaSocial media is one of the most powerful marketing mediums for law firms such as Lawyers Perth throughout the world. It allows them to engage with potential clients, to share relevant and interesting information, and to potentially increase the size of their client base.

Engaging with people on social media is essential in the modern world of law firm marketing. You want your name to pop into people’s heads when they need a lawyer, and you need your firm to become familiar and memorable for this to happen.

Social media allows you to do exactly this. However, a lot of law firms aren’t sure exactly what social media platforms they should be using. This has led me to put together this guide to the best platforms that all lawyers should definitely be using to promote their firms.


A huge percentage of the world’s population uses Facebook almost daily, especially in Western countries. If you run a law firm, then building a community on Facebook is absolutely essential. Start by creating a business page and linking it to your website. Post engaging, interesting content that people can relate to. Run competitions to build your page audience, and share content from other interesting pages. Have a look at what successful competitors are doing and try and build on this where you can.